Project 1 – January 2012

As mentioned in my previous post, my plan for 2012 is to produce a side project every month. For January, I’m deciding to create something with the XBox Kinect. It’s something that I’ve wanted to do since I saw some of the amazing stuff that people have been doing all over the internet over the past year or so since the Kinect was released. I started reading the book Making Things See last month and have done a few tutorials and will use it as a starting point for this little project.

What I plan to do is use processing to create a program that takes a photo, removes the background and replaces it with another background. Pretty much what a green screen does, without the green screen. What is replaced and what happens with that photo is gonna be a surprise. If it works out the way I want it to, I’d like to develop it more and make it into some sort of installation that can be used at work or where ever anyone wants to set it up.

Here’s my breakdown of weekly goals:

Week 1: Research and feasability scoping

Week 2: Image capture and testing

Week 3: Image saving and uploading

Week 4: Clean up and blog post

So here we go…

Greg Kepler is an interactive developer at the Barbarian Group. He started as a design student graduating from RIT with a degree in New Media Design and Imaging in 2004 and fell in love with Flash. He worked for 4 years as a designer, developer, and interactive studio manager at Iomedia and moved on to the Barbarian Group in 2010 as an interactive developer where he tries to get his hands dirty with whatever technologies he can.