InstaScope Roofies Installation

InstaScope kaleidoscope

I’d like to share a nifty little project that we just completed for our first roofies party of the summer here at TBG. We’re calling it InstaScope. InstaScope is an installation that was made to entice partygoers to take photos with instagram so that they can feed the live kaleidoscope that was being projected right there at the party. All they had to do was tag their photo with “#TBGRoofies”.

Within the installation, there are 2 modes. The first is Kaleidoscope mode, which takes a sample of your photo to be used as a moving groovy kaleidoscope.


The other is Pixelation mode, which then uses that same photo and creates a randomized, (hopefully) beautiful if not at least interesting version of your photo to be displayed with the “#TBGRoofies” tag along with the instagram user who shot it.


We were able to project it in the hallway leading up to the rooftop and could also be seen through the skylight.


And here’s a sample of the piece in action…

The roofied versions of the photos have been curated and placed on a little site you can find here.

This project was done using cinder and utilizes the instagram API to grab the latest photos.

Greg Kepler is an interactive developer at the Barbarian Group. He started as a design student graduating from RIT with a degree in New Media Design and Imaging in 2004 and fell in love with Flash. He worked for 4 years as a designer, developer, and interactive studio manager at Iomedia and moved on to the Barbarian Group in 2010 as an interactive developer where he tries to get his hands dirty with whatever technologies he can.