My name is Greg Kepler and I’m primarily an Interactive Programmer, meaning that that’s what I do during the day to get paid. And honestly, I love it. Flash is my main tool and I’m working everyday to become more proficient in that realm as well as learn new techniques and technologies that I’m not familiar with, including but not limited to Flash, Flex, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP. This site is my personal project to help in my understanding and to get better with the front-end side of web development.

I come from a design background, graduating from RIT in 2004 with degree in New Media Design and Imaging. I decided on that major because I sort of liked art and computers. After graduating, I learned that I LOVE art and computers. And design. And movies. And technology. And books. And drawing. And a lot of other things.

Here’s a brief history of my professional career..

Summer 2004 – Spring 2005

I worked for RIT in their web development department, designing interfaces and convincing people to let me develop sites and goofy internal projects in flash. I also did a bunch of freelance projects using Aftereffects for a motion graphics piece to be used on a DVD for Gary Lewis and Developing the a flash based web site for Langie AV in Rochester.

Summer – Winter 2005

After moving back to Rockland County, I worked for the USTA (United State Tennis Association) working primarily on the USOpen.org site, where I designed a lot of graphics and logos used on the site as well as flash banners and microsites related to the US Open.

Winter 2006 – Spring 2010

In January of 2006, I was hired by Iomedia as a hybrid designer/developer where I worked on projects across the architecture and healthcare fields. As I moved up the ranks, I started concentrating more on the development side of things until the Spring of 2008, when I was made the Interactive Studio Director. I had the pleasure of overseeing everything interactive and learn about the many facets that make a successful interactive project. For the last 6 months of my tenure at Iomedia, I decided to concentrate on what I loved and get back into development full time.

In April 2010, I started working for the Barbarian Group as a flash developer, where I get to work with some overwhelmingly smart and talented people. I just hope to keep up.

I plan on keeping this blog as a place to document my interests in what I do and to hopefully inspire budding interactive students to keep learning and pushing themselves as many other interactive designers and programmers do for me.