Cinder – Begin Creative Coding Book Review

cinder book review

I recently got my digital hands on a review copy of Packt Publishing’s new book Cinder – Begin Creative Coding by Krisjanis Rijnieks, the first of what will hopefully be many books centered around Cinder.

The book begins with a brief description of what creative coding is and eases into how Cinder fits into the equation. Before jumping into any actual code examples, the author does his due diligence and walks through how to get Cinder downloaded and set up on both OSX and Windows, showing how easy it is with the release version of Cinder. To get your first glimpse into seeing Cinder in action, the book guides you through some of the included samples. It’s an exercise that every first time Cinder user should go through anyway and continues to be a good resource when playing with a feature for the first time.

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Processing Sketch – Highschool Style Part II

So I figured out what I was going for…

Now that I got what I was thinking out of my head. Now it’s time to evolve it into something new. With where I hope this will go, there should be a video up for the next post.

Processing Sketch – Highschool Style

I’ve been trying to re-create a style of doodling that I used to do in highschool (which I admit I got from one of my actually artistic friends). Since I kind of feel bad about stealing his style, I decided I would take it as a base and build on it and make my own. Besides, everything’s a remix anyway.

attempt #1
attempt 1

attempt #2
attempt 2

It’s not there yet, but I’m happy that it’s turning into something that I had in my head.